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Where Sims players can upload pre-made Sims for other players to download and use in their game.
» take my sim!
Are you looking for some new townies? Maybe you're looking for a new husband or wife for your favourite Sim? Take My Sim is a community for people to upload their Sims for others to use in Game.

» info & rules!
» please include a picture of your sim (if you are including more than one picture, please place it under a cut)
» if your picture is over 600x400, please put it under a cut.
» please provide a list of any custom content included in the package.
» if you wish to post a born in game sim, this tutorial shows how to package a sim that is born in game & how to correctly package it.
» related communities
there's a lot of sims related livejournal communities out there! if your community is not on the list & you'd like to be added, please send me a PM.

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